Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a game of luck, which doesn’t require any sort of skills or logical reasoning abilities. Basically, all you need to know is that you have approximately a 50 % chance of hitting an outside bet, while the chance to hit a single number bet is around 3 %, and the payout for single number bets is higher than for outside bets.

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The house edge is 2.7 % for European Roulette and 5.26 % for American roulette. Therefore, the first and most obvious strategic step is to choose the European version over the American one. No strategy will eliminate the house edge; however, there are various different strategies that will give you a better payout with some luck. We will discuss some basic strategic moves, and then the most popular betting system, Martingale.


As established, there is no way to get rid of the house edge. But this does not prevent you from playing the odds. Firstly, make up your mind about the maximum loss you are willing to bear and do not go over this limit. It is easy to lose oneself in a game as fast as Roulette.

Secondly, place outside bets, meaning colour or number groups. The wins are smaller (1:1) but the chances are nearly 50 %, which is a lot better than with inside bets. A good choice would be to place two bets on different outside slots – one on red and one on even numbers, for example.


Martingale is by far the most well-known strategy in roulette. It is easy to understand and does not require much understanding of mathematics. It is done by doubling your bets in a 50/50 chance game after each loss – so basically doubling the bets you have on one of the outside bets every time you lose a round. The strategy is based on the idea that the first win will recoup the previous losses plus give a profit amount equal to your original bet.

Theoretically, the cycle of losing and then betting more and more could go on forever, since there is no guarantee that the ball will at some point land on the slot where your bets are placed. However, the chance is close to 50 % so it is likely that you will win at some point. It is a risky strategy, but it does make sense.

You should not rely completely on any betting system or a strategy, but if you’re feeling lucky, they certainly make the game more exciting.